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I am a registered dietitian with the primary goal of helping food and beverage companies positively impact society and the environment. My core philosophy revolves around prioritizing health, embracing sustainability, and providing science-backed solutions that empower consumers to make informed choices. I collaborate exclusively with businesses that share my dedication to promoting nutritious and eco-conscious products, fostering a community committed to a healthier and more sustainable future.

I bring over 20 years of experience working with individuals, communities, higher education, and corporations. I offer various services, including spokesperson work, brand partnerships, marketing research, recipe development, and freelance writing. As an expert in plant-based nutrition, Mediterranean and sustainable food systems, education, and communication, I deeply understand the complexities and challenges the food and beverage industry faces. If you want to work together, I’m eager to explore opportunities and start the conversation.

Jasmin Ilkay

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Jasmin offers a comprehensive range of media services, including media interviews, freelance writing, radio/podcast features, blog posts, recipe development, social media content creation, market research, speaking and more.

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